The Women In The Lives Of Our Favorite Sports Stars

Yvette Prieto | Michael Jordan’s Wife

Combined Net Worth: $1.605 billion

You read that right, the combined net worth of Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto is $1.605 billion, with the $5 million belonging to the latter. We know that Jordan is crazy rich not only because of his successful career at the NBA but also due to his various endorsements, like the Air Jordan brand. These two had been married since 2013, and everything seems to be going smoothly. They also welcomed their twin daughters that same year.

Prieto is of Cuban descent but grew up in Miami, where she met Jordan in 2007. The two instantly clicked, and by 2009, Jordan has asked her to move in with him at the 5,500 square-foot mansion. As this was already paid for, Prieto need not worry about any mortgage payment, which was fantastic. Realizing he was the one for her, she said yes when the basketball star popped the question in 2011.