Street Smart Tips: What to Buy And Not To Buy When Going Out For Groceries At The Market


Everyone likes saving some money on food and other items. Now that everything seems to be more expensive, people drive themselves to become excellent financial advisors towards others and themselves. That being the case, there are various tips out there on how we can pinch every dollar. Many gurus would tell you to keep a tab of all the expenses you have for the month, perhaps even create a graph out of it to determine which one gets that larger pie.

You will perhaps be surprised that you probably spend so much on food and groceries next to house-related expenses. So if you are not aware of it yet, take advantage of all the coupons you can get. While you probably ignore most of the spam mail you get, try to look for those that give you discounts. Another way to save is to watch what you buy at grocery stores. We want you to have value for money, so we came up with a list of various recommendations on what you can purchase and avoid at these grocery stores so that you don’t end up breaking the bank!

Peanut Butter – Don’t Buy

In the A.M., right after getting out of bed and going to the kitchen, what is the first thing you usually reach out for after toasting some bread? Isn’t it the peanut butter? Yes! The American staple peanut butter and jelly are so mainstream that it is already present in the DNA of every citizen in the US. Did you know that it is not worth it to drop some severe investment money for it at supermarkets, especially Walmart?

The reason is that Walmart usually sells it at a higher price than most. You can try other stores or even have them delivered to you for a lower price. You know what, you can even make one your own with a food processor. The taste would be so much more excellent, silkier, and smoother. Plus, it would be a great activity with the kids too. Involving them in the kitchen is a good idea.

Meat – Don’t Buy

You probably are salivating for some steak right now, and you pass by a Walmart. A strip of Wagyu steak weighing around 0.77 pounds costs approximately $18, which is a ridiculously high price point! Of course, you can get that luscious piece of meat at a much lower price at specific markets or grocery stores, even at half the price. It just does not make sense to buy it at Walmart.

When is it justified to get it there? Well, when you are in a pinch, you can always head over to the meat section of Walmart. So, for example, a friend said they are coming over and looking forward to some barbecue, and you have not got the time to plan, give yourself some break, take out the credit card and start swiping for meat supplies and some butter and pepper to go with it.

Nuts and Seeds – Don’t Buy

Nuts and seeds are critical, especially when prepping for Doomsday and other catastrophic events. That is no joke because they are a good source of nutrients and usually do not spoil quickly. The oily ones do go rancid after some time, but they are still edible. So whether you are stocking for the Apocalypse or simply thinking of having some macadamia or peanuts for snacks, where do you usually go?

If you answered Walmart, you better think again because they usually are priced more than when you buy them at Trader Joe’s or Aldi. You can even try other online platforms where they sell nuts and seeds, and don’t be surprised to find meager prices available. The quality of the seeds and nuts is also better, and you can have it delivered right to your doorstep. With the right degree of online hunting skills, you can find lower prices!

Batteries – Don’t Buy

There are different kinds of batteries depending on what you need. You are probably very familiar with car batteries and their different sizes. When you deal with electronics, you typically also deal with their source of electricity, batteries. What Consumer Reports found out when they tested 15 brands of AA batteries was that Costco’s Kirkland Signature AA alkaline batteries led the pack in efficiency and durability.

It was a surprising finding because we would expect Duracell or Energizer to be the leader in such a study. The price difference is negligible, so we are kind of on the fence here, but when buying in bulk, for example, during Christmas time, it would be best to get them at cheaper rates. Costco can give it a lower rate. A slight change in currency does add up, and you will receive praise for having good money management skills.

Fresh Produce – Don’t Buy

Fresh produce is called “fresh” for a reason. Usually, the ones at the big stores are not that fresh and have been there for at least a day. Those who love cooking are aware of the importance of keeping the ingredients as fresh as possible. Plus, there have been several complaints about food quality sold at these chain stores’ fish and meat departments, so it is better to veer away from them.

Where then would you go for fresh meat, poultry, fruits, and vegetables? The best place to obtain meat is from your local butcher. You already have developed a relationship with them, and so they are aware of your preferred cuts. They can even predict what you will be cooking for the day. Go to the local farmer’s market for your fruits and veggies. You will not need to chip away at your investment money anytime soon as these local products don’t cost much.

Fish – Don’t Buy

The relatives are coming over, and you are craving some grilled tuna or some other type of seafood, like lobster. Getting them at the restaurants would cost an arm and a leg, and you have no plans to get a personal loan to afford some fresh fish. So what do you do? You head over to Walmart and take a look at the wide selection available at the fish section.

Well, that was the wrong move. There have been some questions about the quality of the fish sold at big groceries, so it is best to avoid these places. Crown Wholesale Seafood and H Mart – H Fresh has been given credit for selling the freshest and the cheaper seafood. Of course, they might not be available in your location, so better find out where the local fish and meat shop is. For sure they will give you cheaper rates.

Diapers – Don’t Buy

Are you aware that membership-only stores get most of their profit from the membership fees they charge yearly? They are not likely going to admit it, but a massive chunk of their bottom line is due to the dues paid by the members. Moreover, this is why they can give huge discounts to those who are part of their exclusive club.

So the next time you have a baby and need branded diapers, try not to buy from Walmart and put your investment money into good use. Visit the Amazon Family website and then check out their lineup of diapers. Yes, you will have to shell out something for the membership fee, but in exchange, you can have as much as 20% on their baby products, including diapers and formula. Of course, breastfeeding is still the best for babies. More importantly, the act itself instills an unspoken bond between mother and child.

Maple Syrup – Don’t Buy

Are you aware that diabetes is one of the leading causes of people passing away in the US and the rest of the world? Having persistent high concentrations of glucose in the blood leads to organ damage, even including blindness. So we should avoid sugary food altogether and stick to fish and vegetables. That is one reason why you should not buy maple syrup.

If you do want it, avoid getting it from Walmart. Consumer Reports rated it good, but Trader Joe’s has been rated excellent, and compared to the $1.17 per ¼ cup price at Walmart, you can get it at only $1.07 per ¼ cut at Trader Joe’s. The difference might be negligible, but you will be surprised if you count how many bottles you buy in a year. Be a degree more conscious about sugar consumption, though. Indeed, one can never be too cautious when it comes to our body’s sugar levels.

Cake Mixes – Don’t Buy

Everyone loves cake mixes, pancake mixes, and even cookie mixes. They are easy to make, and you can have a dessert the family can enjoy instantly. There is no replacement to the ones made from scratch and homemade, but given the busy lifestyle we lead today, these mixes are an option. You have to consider one thing: your will display poor money management decisions if you buy these mixes labeled as Great Value. These are a tad misleading.

While it is tempting to get them because it appears you are saving on the price, the taste is something you should never compromise on. We are talking about an experience here. Take a quick look online at people who bought these Great Value mixes, and you will see how disappointed they were with the quality and the taste of the final product. More importantly, it might benefit you to take heed from this warning.

Baking Products – Don’t Buy

As with cake mixes, it is best to avoid baking products from Walmart. These include all-purpose flour, cake flour, and yeast. Also, do not get their salt, baking powder, or confectionary sugar. Like the cake mixes, while they are of great value and you think you are saving, it is not worth it. Most buyers who have sampled these reported that they are of lower quality, which is not good.

You can make use of your credit card and purchase some of your baking needs online instead. Go for the specific brands rather than the personal levels. By doing this, you will have value for your money. Remember that being economical does not just mean getting the lowest price. It means getting the lowest price, at the best quality possible. Amazon has a wide range of selections you can choose from.

Ground Beef – Don’t Buy

We’ve talked about not buying choice cuts from Walmart and other big stores, but how about ground beef? It is a relatively simple item. So there is no way they could ruin it? Well, not necessarily. Meat-lovers should think hard before buying any ground beef from Walmart. It may seem like a good transaction, but according to a study made by Kiplinger, other stores offer better prices.

Their comparison revealed that Walmart sells ground beef at $1 more per pound than Aldi’s. Over the years, that could add up, and it might even be enough for a gallon of gas at one point. Some consumers have also reported that the quality was not so excellent, with a few claiming the texture of the ground beef was rubbery and full of gristle. Well, if that is the case, you can grind your meat using a processor at home.

Chicken – Don’t Buy

What is in a chicken that also exists in the ocean? Salt. Lots of them. Walmart rotisseries chicken is quite notorious for having lots of sodium added to them. It is pretty understandable as it adds flavor to the meat, but we know that excess sodium helps retain water and increase blood pressure. As much as possible, we should be eating healthy food, which can be a challenge today.

Unfortunately, Walmart’s rotisseries chicken is, to a great degree, popular among shoppers. After all, who can reject the scent and visually appealing sight of chicken slowly being cooked and browned, right? No matter, avoid it at all costs. Better cook one in an air fryer or buy from other stores, where they sell it at a much lower price. Home-cooking has its advantages, too, as you can control the amount of salt put in there.

Pet Food Products – Don’t Buy

When roaming around Walmart of other giant stores, we come across generically branded pet food that is significantly lower in price. It is rather tempting to buy those, considering how our pet dogs and cats can consume a handful in just one day. Yet, even though their food is quite expensive, because we love them, we give in.

If you only need a bag of pet food, sure. You can buy it at Walmart. However, if you are buying bulk, you should get subscription services instead. For example, Amazon has a good subscription service where frequent buyers can save 5% to 10% of the total cost. Remember that Amazon gets most of its profit from membership fees and can afford to give more discounts on its products in exchange for making more sales. Now that is one good business and money management strategy.

Generic Supplements – Don’t Buy

Be very mindful of what you take inside your body. From food to medicine, anything has a profound effect on the body’s homeostasis, and upsetting that balance can make you very sick one day. It is alright to take some supplements and vitamins to keep the body at its prime, but be wary of where you source your generic supplements.

The Attorney General’s Office recently released a statement revealing that several major retailers, including Walmart, were selling branded herbal supplements whose contents could not take verification as being the one on the label. When you buy groceries, you always look at the nutritional label. That is the same with most supplements, but what if it is not what it claims to be? It is better to source them from trusted pharmacies that we could thank for vetting the authenticity of the products.

Luggage – Don’t Buy

Most of the time, we find our routine following a set of activities, like working out and going to the office. It’s by no means a negative sentiment, but sometimes, many of us want to break the monotony, even for a couple of days. It can happen through a couple of things, but the most notable with being by traveling. With that in mind, what is the one thing we often bring when we go on a trip? Luggage.

Besides spending some points off your credit card for traveling fees, it’s a must to make sure that your luggage of choice is of good quality, too. Among many factors to check for, the most important ones would arguably be its sturdiness and how effective it is at keeping its contents safe. After all, chances are likely it’ll be thrown around at least once, especially by the luggage handlers at the airport.

Laundry Detergents – Don’t Buy

Laundry detergents. We use them just about every week to clean off our clothes. With that said, before they became the convenience that they are today, these detergents went through a couple of changes through the years. The first investments made on them were reportedly around the 1910s!

Like many products nowadays, laundry detergents are sold in varying sizes, including in bulk. Well, most people would instantly opt for the biggest one available. It’s excellent in the long run, after all, or so we thought. As it turns out, that isn’t the case. Like other products, laundry detergents have a shelf life before. For detergents, they have at most six months before deeming them unusable. Now with that in mind, perhaps you might want to go for the smaller ones, yes? Because, unless you have a village’s worth of clothes to clean, buying in bulk might be more troublesome than beneficial.

Gift Wrapping Paper – Don’t Buy

We all love to give gifts now and then. Of course, to make the present much more special, we neatly cover it with a gift wrapper. Now, did you know the Chinese take credit for being the first people to use wrapping paper? In fact, during the Southern Song dynasty, years after they invented writing, they developed a habit of wrapping their monetary gifts in an envelope called a “chih pao” before giving them as presents.

In one way or another, that undoubtedly shows that many things are more than able to withstand the test of time. Nowadays, though, buying a roll of gift wrapping paper can be a somewhat risky endeavor in its own right. That’s because some stores sell cheap-quality ones for extremely high prices. With that in mind, checking other places before deciding on where to buy can do wonders in the end, especially on the financial side of things.

Gift Cards – Don’t Buy

Nowadays, there’s an alternative way to doing just about everything. Want to read a book? You could either buy a physical copy or an eBook. Want to study a course? Well, in more recent years, online classes have become a trend, allowing you to learn within the comforts of your home. Today, though, we’ll be focusing on something else.

Many of us love to shop. Of course, shop owners know that, too. As a result, they often offer us a gift card or two. In a way, gift cards are like money, but they’re only valuable for select companies and brands. Even so, that hasn’t stopped people from purchasing a couple of them from well-known names, like Starbucks and Amazon. As convenient as it seems in the long run, though, some stores sell these cards for a reasonably costly price, so for those stores, it’s best to do your shopping the old-fashioned way – a digital wallet works, too.

Photo Printing Services – Don’t Buy

Photos can preserve many cherished things. It could be a scenic view of the sun setting between two mountains, or it could even be of birds flying gracefully with the wind. Of course, this also includes moments spent with friends and family, the people we care for the most.

While photos are stored more efficiently through our phones and computers, it’s safe to say many of us still prefer having them developed and framed. After all, it’s the things we can touch and feel that we have the strongest degree of connection with. Thankfully, many businesses offer photo printing services. The thing is, you have to keep a mindful eye on them. While some offer a low price for high-quality outputs, the same is applicable for the opposite. In conclusion: always look for the best option, ones that are worth their price.

Jewelry – Don’t Buy

Jewelry. Lovely precious things, aren’t they? Way before cities received electricity power, people had already found various ways to incorporate jewelry into their way of living. In fact, more than a few ancient civilizations use these gorgeous stones as a medium to ward off evil spirits, with one of the most notable examples being the Egyptian ankh.

To this day, they are still among the most sought-after accessories people would want to have. Indeed, these luxurious products come in different shapes and sizes and originate from other types of materials. Of course, the fancier the material, the greater the price. With all these small treasures just within our grasps, it’s no surprise the jewelry business continues thriving to this day. Moreover, this also means there are a couple who sell these for cheap. However, that is by no means a bad thing, as long as they sell them for a reasonable price. Once they’re overpriced, though, that’s a different story.

Prepaid Telephone Package – Don’t Buy

Among many things, we can’t deny how much communicating is a vital part of our day-to-day living. We need it almost all the time. Thanks to the investments made in technology, though, we can now even communicate with people located in different parts of the globe.

Today, phones have become more than just mediums of communication. We can now use them to watch videos, listen to music, play games, and even pay some bills. In one way or another, it’s like the world is in the palm of our hands. While some phones sell off the shelves as is, many stores add a couple of convenient features to them. One such example would be providing a set amount of points we could use for texting and browsing the internet. It indeed makes things easier on our end – for the most part, at least. However, this is because some stores provide subpar services, so it is best to keep away from them.

Magazines – Don’t Buy

For the start of the magazine business in America, it’s safe to say the credit goes to Benjamin Franklin and Andrew Bradford. Back in 1741, the two competed on who made the better magazine. After six months, though, they ultimately ended both of their businesses. Despite it being only for a brief period, it sure looks like their stint has since played a big part in the literary community.

Today, magazines continue to be published and sold by the millions. In a way, they’re like newspapers, with each brand covering a particular set of topics. Plus, just like newspapers again, they’re almost always available by a store’s newsstand. Although many of us opt to buy them on the spot, subscribing to them is usually the better option. That way, you only need to spend a couple of dollars to get the following few issues instead of paying every time they come to the shelves.

Wooden Furniture – Don’t Buy

More often than not, there’s an interesting story behind the things we use. For example, let’s take a look at our office chairs. Have you ever wondered who made such a mundane item as that? Well, funny enough, the one behind it was none other than Charles Darwin himself, the man most known for introducing the concept of evolution through natural selection.

We can see furniture just about everywhere we go. Guess you could say these products have become an integral part of our way of life. With that said, it’s relatively easy to buy yourself a set because many stores sell them. Even so, there’s still one thing you should look out for, and that’s quality. Now with that in mind, before you spend your credit card points on that new set, be sure to check if it’s as steady as it is pleasing to the eyes.

Televisions – Don’t Buy

With TVs are getting better and better through the years, it’s no surprise they’re still great investments. Ironically, though, its inventor didn’t think it was suitable for his house – he strongly discouraged his kids from using it. He probably had his reasons.

To this day, TVs are still one of the most sought-after items in stores around the world. They’re great to have in a home, after all. In a way, it’s like a movie screen you now have in your living room – or wherever you place it. With that said, it’s pretty obvious that the fancier ones with all the cool features would sell at higher prices. Sometimes, though, businesses lower their costs for a set period. It may sound like a great idea at first, but be wary. Chances are, other stores sell better-quality units for the same price.

Household Appliances – Don’t Buy

Through the years, people have lent portions of their investment money on projects that could make our day-to-day living much more convenient. As mentioned a few pages ago, phones have since become multi-purpose items we could fit in our pockets. Meanwhile, although not as small as phones, household appliances have also done plenty of chores at home not as tedious as they were before.

With technology providing more and more opportunities to grow and upgrade, it’s no surprise many household appliances have also gone through a couple of improvements through the years. It goes to show that there’s almost always room for growth. If you’re looking to buy some of them, you could find units available in virtually every establishment around the city. All you need to observe is the store’s available stocks and their prices. You wouldn’t want to pay too much for a unit that isn’t even worth the value on its tag.

Laptop – Don’t Buy

If there’s one thing people strove for through all these years, it’s to grow and improve. This determination to be better than before is apparent in almost every field, especially technology. From as early as the 1800s, people have already made plenty of investments in computers. Moreover, as devices become capable of doing pretty complicated tasks, computers have since become pack leaders that can do just about anything.

Along with showcasing an impressive amount of functions, many of these computers have also presented a new feature – mobility. Besides desktop computers, many of us opt for a laptop. We can bring them anywhere we go, after all. Now, if you want to buy yourself one, it’s often a better option to buy the unit from its brand’s sellers. That way, besides getting a couple of benefits, you’ll also be getting them for a reasonable price.

Books and Music – Don’t Buy

After a hard, grueling day at work, many of us would spend the rest of the time relaxing in our homes. Further, it’s nice to turn on the telly and watch a couple of movies or TV shows. Simultaneously, we could do some chores, too. Other times, though, we’d instead do something more peaceful, like reading a book while listening to our favorite songs.

In a way, reading a good book or listening to a hit tune can be quite reinvigorating. For a few moments, they let us unwind and even imagine we’re in another world – perhaps tagging along with the story’s heroes. Thankfully, buying records and books has become very convenient. With that said, while many of us would spend our credit cards purchasing a copy at the nearest store, please do check other options. For one, it’s often a given that Amazon’s online shop sells for a lower price – they deliver your order straight to your doorstep, too, so it’s a win-win.

Toys – Don’t Buy

While they’re often catered to kids, playing with toys is something people of all ages can enjoy. Plus, as if that’s not good enough, it’s also a way for you to bond with your kids, nephews, and nieces. Everyone’s happy in the end, and that’s what matters. More importantly, toys are the bond between parent and child, creating memories for the future.

To this day, companies have made plenty of investments in producing their own set of toys to sell. Like books and movies, toys can be categorized into different types, like action figures, dollhouses, and remote-controlled vehicles, to name a few. With that in mind, it’s no surprise they continue to attract just about anyone. One thing to keep track of, though, is their value printed on their price tags. After all, while some stores undoubtedly have an impressive gallery of toys to sell, they might be priced higher than what they’re worth.

Video Games – Don’t Buy

Most of the time, when we want to get ourselves immersed in a story, we’d often watch a film, television show, or read a book. While these are undoubtedly great choices, another option that provides a substantial degree of connection with its characters and world would undoubtedly be video games.

Starting with titles featuring relatively simple mechanics like Pong and Tetris, video games have since become more than capable of telling stories that are just as compelling as some of our hit silver screen hits. If you want a good example, look at Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding, which stars actors Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen, or the Uncharted games, which feature action sequences fitting for a big-budget blockbuster. Of course, like the previous entries in this article, it’s a must to check for their prices because chances are, another store might be selling that same game but for a lower price.

Ground Coffee – Don’t Buy

Coffee is unmistakably one of the most consumed drinks every day around the world. Interestingly, millions of Americans consume coffee each day, so it’d be logical to purchase coffee in bulk. After all, purchasing large amounts of coffee using your credit card will save you money in the long run, right? While it may help you save a couple of bucks on the side, it certainly isn’t the best way for you to enjoy a good cup of coffee.

The only problem in buying ground coffee in Walmart is that ground coffee beans would lose their strength and flavor over time. If the ground coffee you’re buying comes in contact with air, then it won’t have any taste or strength once you brew it. With this fact, it’s optimal to stick to ground coffee in smaller containers. You could also grind your coffee beans if you want the best flavor.

Kirkland Light Beer – Don’t Buy

Another drink consumed regularly worldwide is beer. In America, this fact holds as millions of Americans enjoy beer regularly. However, beer lovers and enthusiasts should stick to their go-to and favorite brands for beer. Sure, you might be able to save some money by buying the Costco brand, but it certainly won’t taste as good as other brands such as Budweiser, Corona, Guinness, etc.

An interesting fact about this beer is that some consumers said the beer tasted like “urine.” It’s undoubtedly a gross description, and it would be a horrible decision to stock up on awful-tasting beer. With this fact, Costco discontinued Kirkland’s Signature Light beer by the end of 2018. Though your beer expense on your credit card bill might be a bit higher, you’ll find that your “extra” cost is worth it as it doesn’t taste as horrible as Kirkland’s Signature Light beer.

Spices – Don’t Buy

Spices hold the same feature as ground coffee. Most herbs do not have an indefinite shelf life, and it would be a horrible decision to purchase one at Walmart or Costco. Although the ones you’ll find at these establishments won’t show signs of moldiness, they’ll lose flavor as time passes by. You could say that you’re better off looking for other alternatives elsewhere.

It can be an excellent purchase if you’re regularly cooking up a surplus spaghetti sauce to feed an entire family. It certainly isn’t debatable that the ones that these establishments sell are a bit cheaper. You could say that these spices aren’t going to lead to a high credit card bill. However, the better and optimal option is to purchase smaller jars of spices, and it can even add more flavor to the meals you’re going to prepare.

Tissues – Don’t Buy

For most American households, tissues are essential things always to have a supply of. You could say that most brands of tissues are sufficient enough for a simple sneeze. However, it’s best to keep a stock of quality tissues on hand whenever a cold strikes. You’ll undoubtedly have a horrible time if you possess symptoms of a cold, and all you have is a bunch of generic tissue brands with sub-par quality.

It’s no secret that tissues sold in large and sizable quantities can offer an opportunity to save money. However, these “bargain” tissue brands are rarely the optimal ones to relieve an irritated nose. One of those cheap tissues is the Kirkland tissue, and it’s undoubtedly not the best option out there. Better tissue brands can certainly be excellent investments as they’ll help you remain comfortable once the cold season strikes.

Soda – Don’t Buy

Soda or soft drinks is another drink regularly consumed by Americans and by various people around the world. Buying these things together with the rest of your food and stuff is normal as it’s pretty easy to put them in a basket with the rest of your purchases. However, it has its downsides when you buy them in big stores like Costco or Walmart.

If you want to save extra from your hard-earned money, it’s best to check the specials on soda elsewhere. These things are one of the most popular specials you’ll find in all stores, and interestingly, big stores often do not always offer the best discounts and bargains on soft drinks. It’ll be wiser for consumers to use their credit cards elsewhere, and it’ll allow them to stock up on more soda at a cheaper and lower price.

Shredded Chicken – Don’t Buy

As consumers, it’s not a secret that we want to save a bit more time. However, sometimes, the price needed to save a bit of extra time isn’t just worth it. The same case is true for all the shredded chicken that you will find at Costco and Walmart. Unless you find yourself in a hurry, it’s best to stick to other alternatives when it comes to shredded chicken.

An excellent alternative to the shredded chicken in these big stores is to purchase their chicken rotisserie, and you can be the one to shred it yourself. While it may be true that this alternative will end up taking more time, you’ll certainly be glad as it’ll taste better. The Rotisserie Chicken has a price of $2.35 per pound, while their hand-pulled cooked breast meat comes in with $4.57 per pound. It’s still relatively cheap, and it won’t be a heavy burden on your credit card.

Shampoo or Soap – Don’t Buy

Soaps and shampoos are two of the most important things that you should have in your house. Interestingly, soaps and shampoos are similar to soft drinks, as they’re also often sold in special deals in all stores. With this fact, you never have to find yourself overpaying for your shampoo and soap supply. You can even end up saving a bit more money by buying the soaps and shampoos that aren’t from big stores.

Big stores often offer the total price for these products. In turn, purchasing from other stores certainly seems like the logical idea. You can buy and stock up on your shampoo and soap from a small store, and it wouldn’t cause quite the damage to your credit card bill. You can easily find ones that are on sale at the nearest local supermarket, and you could say that you’ll never have to pay full price for shampoo and soap ever again.

Salsa – Don’t Buy

Salsa is an item that’s often an underrated item to have in your kitchen. Subsequently, people in big stores like Costco knows that chips and salsa mean party. It’s a fact that Costco doesn’t do things halfway when it comes to the size of their salsa jar. Costco’s salsa jar is incredibly huge that you could almost compare its size to a bucket. Despite having the chance to buy a bucket of salsa, it’s one of the things that you shouldn’t buy on your next visit to Costco.

The Costco salsa jar, or bucket, could be the perfect option if you’re throwing a pool party for the entire neighborhood. If not, then it’s best to stick with other options. Furthermore, it’s impossible to place Costco’s salsa jar in your refrigerator. With this fact, you can save some fridge space, and you can even ease up on your credit card bill by buying the family-sized salsa at the grocery store. It’ll give you all the salsa that you’ll need for yourself, and it won’t go bad before you get the chance to finish it.

Toothpaste – Don’t Buy

It’s more than essential to practice good oral hygiene, and a good supply of toothpaste helps you along the way. However, toothpaste is one of the products you would not often see on sale in your local grocery stores. Whether you decide to buy single ones or choose to stock up on toothpaste, it’s the final price that matters. And, the final price when you purchase toothpaste can be pretty terrible for your credit card bill.

There are places other than Costco or Walmart that offers better deals on your favorite and go-to toothpaste. With this fact, you won’t find yourself overpaying for an essential like toothpaste by going elsewhere. All you’ll need is to keep an eye out for good bargain sales on toothpaste, and you should be able to pile up on any tubes of toothpaste in your bathroom!

Bicycles – Don’t Buy

Cycling is among the most engaging outdoor hobbies that you can get into. And, you might have been thinking about getting into biking yourself after seeing bikes at the nearest Walmart or Costco. However, buying your new bike from these stores can be a terrible idea. The only upside is its price, but soon enough, you’ll be regretting your decision to purchase these relatively cheap Walmart and Costco bicycles.

It’s essential to buy a bike with a knowledgeable salesman helping you. With this fact, Costco and Walmart employees, despite their goodwill, aren’t skilled and knowledgeable bike specialists. Sometimes, they even don’t have an idea how to assemble a bicycle correctly. If you want to buy a bike, it’s best to visit a specialized shop. Sure, you’ll incur a bit more on your credit card, but the materials will be better, and those specialists will do a better job in assembling your bicycle.

Mattresses – Don’t Buy

A good mattress is a must-have if you want to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Interestingly, many people cheap out on their beds and decide to purchase Costco and Walmart. Sure, you might not be paying too much for your mattress, but the decision to cheap out on yours will soon haunt you in the form of terrible sleep quality. Remember that you spend 8 hours in bed, and you could say that a mattress is an excellent investment.

Sure, Costco and Walmart mattresses are cheap, but interestingly, some mattresses in specialty stores are as inexpensive as those you see in Costco or Walmart. Specialty stores even have mattresses sales, and you can get high-quality mattresses without paying too much. By choosing to get your mattress elsewhere, you’ll be able to make sure that the one you’ll get suits you and your budget. You’ll even get the much-needed comfort that you’ll need for your 8-hour slumber.

Pickles – Buy

Liking pickles varies from person to person, and it has been like that for hundreds of years. Interestingly, pickles are one of the most sought-after side dishes whenever it’s time to feast on some smoked meat or hamburgers. Besides being a necessary side dish, pickles can also be a simple afternoon snack. Regardless of which case it may be, Walmart is an excellent place to purchase pickles!

Walmart offers, among other things, the delicious Mt. Olive Kosher Dill. These pickles come from production methods using the traditional pickle-making from the Jewish people in New York City. If you’re looking for dill pickles with a lesser degree of saltiness, then these are the ones for you. Another obvious reason why you should buy your pickles from Walmart is the price. It’s certainly a good value for your money, and you can stock up on pickles without necessarily breaking the bank.

Tea – Good Buy

Many people love good tea, and they know that it is essential to always have a supply of good tea on hand. People drink tea daily, and it can be quite a devastating experience for a tea lover to run out of tea. You can even make the argument that your day would immediately be incomplete without one. However, brand-name tea is often expensive, and you can rarely find one on sale.

It would certainly delight tea lovers to learn that the same coveted tea brands sell up to 27% cheaper in Walmart. Without a doubt, Walmart is a must-visit if you’re planning to hoard your tea supply using your credit card. Interestingly, you can also use any applicable coupons to bring the price further down. It’s undoubtedly the perfect opportunity to fill up on your tea brand of choice!

Coffee – Good Buy

There are millions of people who enjoy a good cup of coffee around the world. Coffee isn’t just present in American culture but also cultures in other countries. Interestingly, Walmart is an excellent place to purchase coffee. Brand-name coffee brands are usually 27% cheaper in Walmart, and you can stock up on coffee without really spending too much. Not only will you get to choose your favorite coffee, but you’ll also be kind to your credit card bill.

It’s essential to stock up on coffee because if you’re a coffee-lover, then you most certainly drink coffee daily. Unexpectedly running out of coffee can easily ruin your day, and you can stock up on yours by heading to Walmart. You can also purchase your coffee at Walmart using applicable coupons. With coupons, you can bring the price even lower, and you can even buy your coffee in bulk to make your coffee supply last the entire month!

Ketchup – Good Buy

Tomato Ketchup is another excellent value item that you should always buy whenever you’re at Walmart. Ketchup is undoubtedly one of the essential things that you’ll need in your kitchen, and it’s more than necessary to keep a good supply of it. Interestingly, Consumer Reports conducted a brand comparison with the help of blind-taste testers. They found that 40% of consumers preferred Walmart’s Great Value Ketchup over Heinz, the leading ketchup brand.

Along with Walmart’s Ketchup’s remarkable taste, consumers will also be pleased about the price. Moreover, Walmart brand tomato ketchup certainly won’t be heavy on your credit card as it goes for just $2.52 for a single 64-ounce bottle. You could say that it’s a great bargain, and it’ll help you save a little bit of money by opting not to go for any brand-name ketchup. However, if you’re strict on brands and quite the picky eater, going for your favorite is a no-brainer.

Great Value White Sandwich Bread – Good Buy

Primarily used to prepare sandwiches, sandwich bread comes in many varieties, such as rye, wheat, sourdough, multigrain, whole wheat, etc. There are many ways for the sandwich bread in preparation, such as easy slicing, uniformly, and fine crumbs (soft inner part of the bread). This bread can also see designs that have a balanced crust and crumb proportion, so the bread holds and supports fillings in place and reduces messiness and drips.

Usually, sandwich bread is available in groceries or markets. Nonetheless, intelligent shoppers know their bread. At Walmart, the customer-favorite Great Value White Sandwich Bread is a big-name brand cleverly manufactured and disguised in the same bakery as many as the standard and high-priced bread-like Nature’s Harvest and Sarah Lee. With an economical price at just $0.88 per loaf, one can also enjoy its quality—a total bargain to a great degree, indeed.

Great Value Bacon – Good Buy

Bacon is made from various cuts and is a type of salt-cured pork, typically from the pork’s belly or the less fatty back cuts. It can be served as a side dish—particularly in breakfast, eaten as is, or used as an additional ingredient to add flavor in words such as club sandwiches. Other meats from animals like turkey, lamb, chicken, beef, or goat may also be cut and cured or prepared to resemble bacon, which may even refer to beef bacon or turkey bacon—albeit still bacon to some degree.

In Walmart, it offers Great Value Naturally Hardwood Smoked Bacon priced at $3.24 a pack. This Walmart brand was put to the test by blind taste-testers over at The Krazy Lady Coupon, and it came out at the top of the Oscar Mayer brand. Shoppers can get the mouth-watering bacon at a fraction of the cost of other retailers and brands.

Bottled Water – Good Buy

Bottling water started in the United Kingdom in 1621, with the first water bottling at the Holy Well. In the 17th and 18th centuries, the demand for bottled water had increased mainly in part of the resurgence in water therapy and spa-going among the American and European colonists. One of the first drinking waters bottled and widely marketed was the spa at Hotwells called Bristol Water.

The next time you shop at Walmart, make sure to stock up on bottled water. You can purchase a 40-pack of water for $3.88 or just 9 cents per bottle of The Great Value Purified Water. Moreover, the product received credits and 4.7 stars on their website, and one happy customer wrote that the bottled water does not have any taste or any bad after-taste in the mouth. It’s always fresh and has no issues with bottles popping open during transport.

Kitchen Utensils – Good Buy

These tools have considerable roles in food preparation. More importantly, kitchen utensils are handheld tools that make themselves useful for cutting food items to size, baking, grinding, measuring, blending, or heating food on an open fire or stove. Different utensils exist for different tasks. For example, a chef’s knife can be helpful for various foods. At the same time, other utensils are highly specialized that are helpful in connection with the food preparation of a particular dish, such as an apple corer or an egg separator. Some other utensils are used primarily for a repeated operation or when the cook has limited mobility or dexterity.

And if you’re thinking of purchasing kitchen utensils, Walmart is the best place to shop, offering plenty of affordable kitchenware items. Items that sell for less than $100 and offer everything you need to make your kitchen functional to a great degree, like Gibson Home Essential Total Kitchen Set, is a perfect choice.

Brand-Name Razors – Good Buy

Razors are bladed tools that are primarily helpful in the removal of body hair through the act of shaving, such as electric, safety, straight, and disposable razors. From the Bronze Age cultures, razors were made of obsidian or bronze and were generally oval with small projections from one end of the short ends. With different appearances and forms but similar in modern straight razors, these tools existed throughout history, for which drawings of such blades made a monumental revelation in prehistoric caves. More importantly, the discovery of these tools started the notion that history is a vast mountain of new information.

Though reusable razors are generally expensive, and as long as you’re using and buying disposable razors, paying for exorbitant prices for them is truly unnecessary. But fortunately, Walmart offers competitively priced disposable razors to a great degree, even sold up to 50% cheaper than those sold in drugstores.

Automotive Supplies – Good Buy

Nowadays, the automotive industry is evolving, especially with the advent of electric cars. However, the good old gas-engine vehicles are still plenty in the streets and the production lines of big companies, like Ford, Toyota, GMC, and many others. The automotive industry comprises an extensive group of organizations and companies involved in the development, manufacturing, design, marketing, and selling of motor vehicles, one of the largest industries by revenue.

But that doesn’t include industries dedicated to the automobiles’ maintenance following delivery to the end-users, such as motor fuel filling stations and automobile repair. Other establishments provide those kinds of services, like Walmart. The store often sells automotive supplies like motor oil, in addition to their inexpensive oil changes, as well as detailing kits, car cleaning products, and others. offers printable coupons for motor oils that are redeemable only at Walmart if you’re interested in getting additional discount credits that range from $5 to $10; offers printable coupons for motor oils that are redeemable only at Walmart.

Outdoor Furniture – Good Buy

Outdoor Furniture is a category of Furniture designed explicitly for outdoor use, which comes with weather-resistant materials such as rust-proof aluminum. The oldest surviving examples of such Furniture remain in the garden of Pompeii. At around 1840, Janes, Beebe & Co. produced one of the earliest products mass-produced cast-iron seating manufactured in America. An example of which is held by the Smithsonian Institution as inv. No. 1980.006. There are many outdoor Furniture, including metal, glass, rope, wicker, wood, bamboo, and many others.

Not only that Walmart helps you furnish your home’s interior with style, but they also provide Furniture to furnish the exterior of your abode. One of the offers that the store recommends is The Better Homes & Gardens Patio Furniture with different styles that appeal to all tastes to a broader degree. While these types of Furniture typically sell at a high price in specialty stores, Walmart sells them at affordable prices.

Personalized Invitations – Good Buy

Every year, there will always be an occasion to gather families and friends, like birthdays, anniversaries, and other special events. Nowadays, to some degree, the human touch, so to speak, of sending an invite through an electronic form has been lessened, if not gone. There’s a special feeling and appreciation in receiving a hand-written or designed invitation compared to an email or electronic request.

On many occasions or events that can make you send photos or personalized invitations to your special loved ones, finding a specially made invite card is essential, and Walmart offers that. Those photos or personalized invitations can only cost you as little as 28 cents each, while elsewhere, they can cost you as much as $1.30 each. If you buy at Walmart, you’ll have a 78% savings. Indeed, this is a much more enticing option than straight-up buying from an overpriced public market.

Interior Furniture – Good Buy

Furniture takes the definition as movable objects intended to support a wide range of human activities such as eating, sleeping, and seating—tables, beds, chairs. They can also hold things at a convenient height for work, such as tables and desks, which are horizontal surfaces above the ground. At times, furniture is a product of designed and considered a structure of decorative art and a symbol of religious purposes. Furniture can come from materials like metal, plastic, and wood.

And when it’s time to buy some furniture for your home, most often than not, Walmart is not the first thing that comes to mind. But in terms of value for money, perhaps you might want to reconsider. The store has exclusive brands that are well worth a look at, especially the MoDRN furniture line. At very reasonable prices, you will be able to buy furniture without compromising style and quality to a great degree.

Cozy Clothes – Good Buy

Clothes are typically made of fabrics or textiles but included animal fur and other sheets from natural products found in the environment. One of the purposes of clothing is protection from the rough surfaces, elements, rash-causing plants, insect bites, splinters, thorns, and other things. It also has social significance, wearing clothes that may connote modesty. Several scientists had not agreed when human beings began wearing clothes, with varying estimates ranging from three million to forty thousand years. However, the fact remains that we have created one of the most diversified methods of physical protection from natural elements.

Wearing cozy clothes from time to time can bring a pleasant feeling, but it can be surprisingly expensive most of the time in some clothing stores. If you’re thinking about buying some, try Walmart. It offers many choices at very reasonable prices, ranging from robes, pajamas, or jogging pants. For many years, Walmart has received credits for providing affordable quality items.

School Supplies – Good Buy

A school is designed as an educational institution to provide a learning environment for students under the direct supervision of teachers. Sometimes compulsory to some degree, most countries have systems of formal education. Students improve through various institutes in these intricate systems, which generally include primary, which are for young children; secondary, for teenagers who completed primary school; and university, an institution where higher education is available.

And when it’s time to go back to school, it means buying many school supplies. It’s easy to spend a small amount of money around this time of the year unless you know where to go. All year round, Walmart sells school supplies at very competitive prices, such as binders and notebooks at less than 50 cents each, even more so when it’s time to go back to school. More importantly, the employees know what kind of school supplies to put up for the many needs of students.

Basic Kid’ s Clothes – Good Buy

Children who are not yet grown to full height have specific clothing for them, which is often more casual than adult clothing and are fit for play and rest. But in recent years, childrens’ wear became heavily influenced with adult fashion trends. Due to the rise of social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, fashion bloggers and celebrities have been using these mediums to post their children’s luxury clothing in “street style,” inspiring parents to dress their children like them in the process to some degree.

And for this, some parents prefer to buy their children’s clothing from more reputable stores. However, Walmart is the best place to go when it comes to essential clothing such as tee shirts or leggings. As children get dirty in everyday activities, stains and holes are therefore inevitable. Worry no more—with affordable clothing for children at Walmart, and you can buy several pairs next time.

Camping and Fitness Equipment – Good Buy

Physical activity in our daily lives is essential in keeping our bodies healthy and fit. It enhances our strength and conditioning effects with the use of either adjustable or fixed exercise equipment. During exercise, your breath becomes heavy, and your heart rate increases to a higher degree while at the same time working up sweats. And after you finish with your exercise, you can go out on a camping trip or an outdoor activity that requires an overnight stay away from the comfort of your home. Typically, people who go camping leave the developed areas to spend some time in nature’s habitat.

And if you’re planning on both, Walmart is the place you should go to and buy your fitness and camping equipment. You can find the Ozark Trail brand in there, and it’s perfect for people who camp occasionally or just set it up in their backyard for their family to enjoy. The same advice holds to your exercise equipment, such as scales, weight sets, and others.

Baby gear – Good Buy

Nature dictates that babies need a lot of attention from adults; compared to other primates, human babies cannot live independently of an older member of the species. Moreover, this implies that babies require numerous things! Parents don’t recommend buying diapers from Walmart, but other necessities, such as gear for babies, can be purchased here at a lesser price. Walmart offers various choices worthy of your investmentssuch as strollers, toys, and other safety gear for your tiny loved ones. Also, it boasts the lowest prices compared to other stores.

It is undeniable that, given the vast choices of food and vitamins we have today, babies do grow up fast, that we sometimes get shocked on recognizing this fact. It goes without saying that the latter is be rendered useless. Buying at Walmart is perhaps the best way to go.

Craft and art supplies – Good Buy

When one is starting or perhaps aiming to sharpen their creative skills, it goes without saying that investment in good, quality art materials are needed. It can be difficult to reason out the cost of expensive materials, especially if you are pretty tight on budget. However, there is a certain distinction between getting the most value out of your money and producing great work with high-grade materials. The best place to help a budding artist is Walmart; the site boasts a vast department of art and craft supplies better than the others. There are also various knitting supplies, beads, and fabric that are cheaper than other art supplies stores.

It is also worth noting that expensive materials don’t equate to meaningful work. The technique is also as important. Most artists would agree to this: that good technique is irreplaceable. More importantly, dedication to a proven method will always reign supreme over poorly chosen components.

Legos – Good Buy

If your mini-mes are doting over LEGOs, there is a good reason why. LEGOs are becoming a commodity because they are fun to play with and can engage the kids’ attention for hours. These blocks might seemingly appear boring to the adult. Still, these can stimulate the kids’ creativity by allowing them to blend different-colored LEGOs and build them into a unified structure. The toy company also offers a wide array of variety that is key to its survival as one of the most sought out toys over the years. Indeed, the LEGO company is a fantastic product of human innovation aimed towards entertainment and learning in children.

As parents (or soon-to-be parents), this is one of Walmart’s investments at a lower price than other stores. It is worth noting that these LEGO blocks do not break easily; they can last for several years! Walmart offers the latest designs and the most variety of this product.

Walmart Family Mobile – Good Buy

The recent era has incredibly justified how having a cellphone at hand and being connected to the internet is necessary. In the current situation, we are in today, some of us are highly dependent on our mobile phones for our jobs. With this high surge of purchasing data, the cellular network giants have also quite capitalized on this dire need to be connected. The latest prices have somehow reached their all-time high, not to mention the constraint to a contract for a considerable amount of time upon subscription. Walmart Family Mobile, however, takes credit for offering a cheaper alternative.

The shopping giant offers prepaid and postpaid cellular plans (starting at $24.88 per month), which can be advantageous depending on the consumer’s budget. The consumer can enjoy unlimited texts and calls and a suitable amount of LTE data. Finally, Walmart is large enough of a company to afford these discounts as it will yield positive returns in the long run.

Kitchen Appliances – Good Buy

As complex human beings, our lives are sustained by the trillions of complex cells in our bodies. For this huge orchestra to carry out its symphony, we need to feed it with lots of nutrients. You can best synthesize these nutrients within the kitchen; some of us even build our lives around making these nutrients delightful and creative! A well-equipped kitchen is a necessity nowadays, and a good kitchen requires the main element: kitchen appliances. However, it is essential to get the most value out of your investment in building one’s kitchen.

Walmart ensures the best kitchen appliances prices, ranging from coffeemakers, toasters, air fryers, broiling machines, boiling pots, grills, and many more! It is also worth noting that Walmart offers generous price cuts from its kitchen appliances. Walmart seems like the best place to be for chefs and aspiring chefs alike!

Food For Pantry – Good Buy

Recent data have revealed that the majority of Americans purchase at least a box of cereal on their trips to the supermarket. One-third of American consumers buy a single box, 41% buy two boxes, and 19% buy three or more. These pantry foods are high in nutrition and come in different varieties; some are rich in nutrients and minerals, some have a higher amount of protein and iron, while some are rich in fiber. Cereals take credit for being one of the most consumed foods because of their availability throughout the year, and they are relatively easy to store.

Along with chips, crackers, and canned goods, these products are sold at relatively low prices in Walmart. The store also offers coupons that can get you valuable discounts on their websites, which can be printed at home and redeemed at stores within the US.

Olive Oil – Good Buy

You have probably heard that oil is on the list of the healthiest foods you can eat. Its origins sprung 6,000 years back from Syria, Iran, and Palestine. Olive oil has been used mainly in rituals and medicine, but today, it’s used as an ingredient in our most favorite foods. It usually comes in three forms: the usual olive oil, the extra-virgin olive oil, and the light-tasting olive oil. The regular olive oil can be used in different cooking styles, while the extra-virgin olive oil is best used for cold preparations or as a garnish. The light-tasting olive oil can be used in both cooking and baking.

Since it has become part of most kitchens these days, it is best to get yourself big containers to get the most value out of your money. Costco takes credit for having the best offers and for selling only high-quality products.

Gas – Good Buy

It goes without saying that the pain of skyrocketing gas prices is a pain in the ass. According to the American Automobile Association, prices have gone up to as much as 40% from January to July, making this spike the highest that America has seen in seven years. This drastic increase in prices is not good news for consumers, especially when summer is fast approaching. The extra cost will mean higher expenses on the road, and this will definitely strain our wallets. One of the best ways to combat this crisis is to enroll in grocery rewards stores programs.

Several chains, such as Costco, offer membership programs that give out gas as a reward. Without a doubt, an investment in membership would undoubtedly go a long way! The next time you decide to have your tank filled, don’t forget to take out your Costco membership card.

Breakfast cereal – Good Buy

Whether you eat fat-rich, sugar-laden food or your trusty whole-grain cereal, breakfast is often recognized as the most significant meal of the day. However, your food of choice can significantly affect how you function for the rest of the day. It is best to pick a type of cereal that can give you the feeling of being full and provide a maximal amount of nutrients (after all, our health is the best investment). Research has shown that consuming cereal for breakfast will make you less likely to crave unhealthy, high-calorie, and high-fat food during the day. The International Journal of Obesity postulates that skipping breakfast is associated with obesity and lesser mental health function.

The best place to buy these cereals? Costco. They always have discounts and have a vast array of cereals to choose from! They also have a long storage life and can be kept without losing their delicious taste.

Tires – Good Buy

With constant tear-and-shear, it goes without saying that your trusty car’s tires are beginning to lose their tread. As they begin to get thin, your car tires’ grip might be unstable and untoward accidents might occur. However, with shops becoming ubiquitous nowadays, looking for replacements will not take much of your time and energy. One of the best places with quality tires and great value offerings? Costco tires. According to one survey of Consumer Reports subscribers, Costco takes credit as the number one store for having the most recent tire purchases.

Aside from the low prices of tires, Costco also boasts using nitrogen instead of air to fill up the tires, which can positively impact the lifespan of your tires. When buying tires from Costco, one should expect lower prices than usual and high-quality service (which is offered for free!).

Toilet paper – Good Buy

The number of Costco loyalists roaming around from aisle to aisle searching for their famous toilet paper is approximately 64 million. You heard that right. In 2012, Costco’s “crown jewel” was their toilet paper and continues to sell more or less than one billion rolls every year! Behind those seemingly boring rolls of paper is a hint of ingenuity: Costco employs engineers to test their crown jewel’s thickness, strength, and, most importantly, softness. There are managers paid to check the toilet paper mills to ensure that the right investments are made for the customers.

On your next trip to the supermarket, be sure to get one of those quadruple layered, super soft, and strong toilet paper. Without a doubt, they might just come in handy (especially for the weak-stomached!) when you leave the house for a long period of time.

Creamy tuxedo mousse cake – Good Buy

Perhaps it is an unwritten rule to bring something decent when invited to an occasion such as a birthday, graduation, baby shower, housewarming, or other celebration. You can find one of the most thoughtful and economical gifts in the bakery section in one of the Costcos near you. Their cakes are cheaper than most stores and can fill up everyone’s tummies! If you were to weigh their cakes, it would read approximately 9 points; according to Costco, the cake’s filling makes up two of those 9 pounds! It is worth noting that the giant warehouse keeps its cake sections filled with ready-made cakes and can be bought on the spot.

It is worth noting that Costco doesn’t just offer vanilla or chocolate flavors. They take credit for a luscious creation of a vanilla sheet cake filled with cheesecake mousse made delectable with buttercream on top.

Pork flank belly – Good Buy

Have you been craving that Asian sticky pork you saw on TV hours ago? Or would you want to try your luck in achieving the perfect crisp of your homemade slices of bacon? One of the previous challenges of acquiring pork belly is that they are hard to find. Grocery stores do not have them pre-packed and obtaining them would often be inconvenient. However, times are changing, and Costco is one of the pioneers of selling pre-packed whole pork bellies and sliced pork bellies, making cooking more convenient. A huge advantage of buying from Costco is their packaging: one can scrutinize the meat from the outside.

To get the best and the freshest cuts, you must, however, arrive early. A little too late, and you might find yourself walking empty-handed from the grocery store. Or a better alternative would be their Rotisserie Chicken which takes credit for being one of their most sold-out products as well!

Cashews – Good Buy

Because of the fast-paced movement of the recent era, we have become too dependent on convenient measures, one of these is our food. Having little time to prepare actual food, we tend to rely on processed or preserved food, and most commonly, on fast food. Having a healthy habit can cost us time and money, but there is an option to incorporate healthy food into our diets. Costco sells Cashew nuts in large canisters, which can cost relatively less if bought in bulk. It’s perhaps one of the best investments you can make for yourself: have a healthy diet.

It is worth noting that eating these nuts can improve one’s overall health status; these nuts have been proven to aid weight loss, better blood sugar control, and a healthier heart function. Cashews are also an incredibly rich source of fiber and surprisingly contain the same amount of protein found in cooked meat.

Snacks – Good Buy

Yup, these are good to buy, but with so much to consider. Despite the bad impression that many have with it, these actually help in everyone’s diet. They get the credit for giving one’s energy, especially in between regular meals. A nutritious snack will lessen one’s hunger and help a person refrain from eating a large amount during a meal.

Many should consider the habit of tracking their calorie intake to prevent unwanted weight gain. Also, choose foods rich in fiber and water instead of consuming high-fat and sweet snacks. Meaning, a medium-sized apple is better than eating a bag of Lays or Cheetos. In addition, fresh fruit drinks are preferred over flavored ones. Moreover, try consuming protein and carbohydrate-enriched snacks to make you feel full for a long time. Other must-try snacks are low-fat or non-fat yogurt, bananas, an ounce of nuts, and whole wheat crackers with peanut butter.

Oatmeal – Good Buy

With that credit card in your wallet, consider using it in buying oatmeal as it certainly has a lot to offer than how it looks. Of course, one benefit is that it will help you not feel hungry until it’s time for a regular meal as it contains fiber. Aside from fiber, consuming it also gives one the needed B-vitamins, zinc, magnesium, and other minerals like phosphorus. Moreover, the habit of eating oatmeal paired with milk and fruits surely gives additional vitamins.

According to Everyday Health, one cup of oatmeal cooked in water contains 166 calories, 6 grams of protein, 28 g of carbohydrate, and 4 grams of fat. Apart from the undeniable nutritional benefits, Nutrition Research also revealed that oatmeal eaters tend to drink alcohol less and are less likely to smoke. In addition, most of them often have significantly low body mass index (BMI).

Vitamins – Good Buy

Vitamins are properties that one’s body badly needs to function well and also manage to stay healthy. These crucial substances are broken into two types: water-soluble and fat-soluble. The former are C-vitamins and B-complex, while the latter are vitamins K, E, D, and A. In addition, vitamins are essential for normal cell development, growth, and function. Not every food available can give us the nutrition we need, so to fill in those gaps, vitamins take the credit. Vitamin A (Retinol) can be found in milk, meat, yellow-orange foods like carrots and oranges, other dairy products, and green leafy vegetables. Vitamin C is usually found on citrus fruits, plus strawberries and mangoes. On the other hand, Vitamin D can be consumed by eating fish, egg yolks, and mushrooms.

Landmark Senior Living revealed a series of health supplements that we should consider taking as they are very significant as we age. Some of which are calcium, potassium, magnesium, fiber, and glucosamine. Of course, before consuming one, you should consult your doctor first.

Milk – Good Buy

Buying milk should be a no-brainer. Milk has been the first food that a human consumes even after coming out of the womb unless that tiny human is lactose-intolerant. For starters, milk, as just a single product, is one of the best sources of calcium and other essential nutrients such as riboflavin, phosphorus, vitamins A and B12, zinc, magnesium, and potassium.

However, not every type of milk is suitable for consumption, like unpasteurized milk. It can increase the risk of one getting ill, specifically in the gastrointestinal part of the body. Instead, use your credit card in purchasing pasteurized milk products, including full cream, lactose-free, calcium-enriched, reduced fat, and skim milk. In addition, Times Of India suggests that we should also know when to drink milk. Early morning is preferably the time to consume milk for kids, while for the adults, before bedtime.

Coffee cups – Good Buy

Besides food and drinks, we should also put our money with other things that are surely useful, one of which is coffee cups. Arguably, homemade coffee is better than brewed from Starbucks or Tim Hortons, especially if you put your favorite drink in a nice-looking receptacle. Some might find this lame, but there are also things to consider before buying coffee cups. One, it’s the size. Buy the one that can fill the amount that will satisfy you. Also, if you’ll use it in the office or just at home, cups or mugs with handles are preferred, especially if you like it hot.

Another one is making sure your coffee cup has a lid. Having one will not just keep your coffee from getting dirt or flies, but it also gets the credit for retaining the heat of your favorite drink. In addition, the material in which your coffee cups are made is also crucial. Some are hard to clean, while some are easy. Either way, it’s your choice to make.

Bagel – Good Buy

If you’ve seen the comedy-legal drama series Suits, you must know that there are multiple occasions where the two main characters, Harvey Specter and Mike Ross, usually start their day with a cup of coffee, and you guessed it right, bagel. According to WebMD, one medium-sized piece of bread, around 100 grams, contains an estimated 271 calories, 9 grams of protein, 1-gram of fat, 82 milligrams of potassium, 2-grams of dietary fiber and 55 grams of carbohydrates, among other beneficial substances.

Many bagels are made with whole grains, high in antioxidants and fiber, which help fight a series of health problems. Also, whole grains have been connected to less weight gain and substantially lower BMI. However, before you swipe that credit card of yours for some bagels, it’s worth noting that it’s not good if you’re tracking down your carbs and calories intake, especially if you won’t watch what you spread on it. Preferred ones are avocado, light cream cheese, and nut butter.

Tahini – Good Buy

Haven’t you heard of it? You might not be the only one. Tahini is usually eaten as a dip made by grinding sesame seeds until they reach a puree-like consistency. Other uses of this are dressing, snack bites, soft serve, and many others. Also, this is actually a Middle Eastern condiment but can also be found in North Africa. Many believed that Persia, now known as Iran, is the point of origin of this ingredient.

Minimalist Baker suggests that hulled sesame seeds are preferred over unhulled seeds as they provide a bitter taste. However, the latter is more nutritious. Moreover, making it doesn’t need you to apply for cash loans as it only takes three ingredients. You’ll only need sesame seeds, oil, and salt, and three easy steps: (1) toast the seeds, using a food processor, (2) process the seeds, and lastly, (3) add oil. Adding salt is optional.

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