Street Smart Tips: What to Buy And Not To Buy When Going Out For Groceries At The Market

Ground Beef – Don’t Buy

We’ve talked about not buying choice cuts from Walmart and other big stores, but how about ground beef? It is a relatively simple item. So there is no way they could ruin it? Well, not necessarily. Meat-lovers should think hard before buying any ground beef from Walmart. It may seem like a good transaction, but according to a study made by Kiplinger, other stores offer better prices.

Their comparison revealed that Walmart sells ground beef at $1 more per pound than Aldi’s. Over the years, that could add up, and it might even be enough for a gallon of gas at one point. Some consumers have also reported that the quality was not so excellent, with a few claiming the texture of the ground beef was rubbery and full of gristle. Well, if that is the case, you can grind your meat using a processor at home.