Easy And Healthy Breakfast Juices You Should Try

Whether you are in a rush for a meeting or a looming deadline, and you just cannot bother to cook up a meal and eat it, you tend to skip breakfast, which is known as the most important meal to kickstart your day. For the busy folks who are always on the go, breakfast does not need to be skipped. A simple solution we can suggest is having breakfast juices. No, it’s not the packed juices that you can find in the grocery store. It’s the vegetable juices that are healthier compared to fruit juices to a certain degree. However, there are quite a few notes to keep in mind. First, do not discard the pulp of the veggies but make sure to run all of those through the juicer. Second, you should have it as fresh as you can and do not keep it standing for a long time, or it may lose vitamins and gain bacteria.

According to Mayoclinic, while juicing can boost your immune system, reduce your risk of cancer, help you remove toxins, and help you lose weight, there’s no scientific evidence yet that says extracted juices are healthier than the juice you absorb by eating the vegetable or fruit. Still, vegetable juice can be a refreshing way to gas up your morning. Here are a few breakfast juice recipes you can try:

A. Kale and Celery Juice

For those who want to include greens into their daily diet, here’s a delectable option for you. A healthy juice using kale, cucumber, celery, and parsley is a bit too healthy and somewhat bitter, so you may add in a few slices of pineapple to sweeten and balance the flavors. You may substitute kale for spinach since spinach can be rarely available in the market.



5 kale leaves

1 celery stalk

1 cucumber

2 Tbsp parsley

Few chopped pieces of pineapple (optional)



Roughly chop all the ingredients and toss them into your juicer. You can either strain or have it as it is.

B. Tomato and Orange Juice

This recipe is just super easy to make. If you like to add a degree of extra flavor, you may put a little pepper or chili powder.



1 orange, skinned and deseeded

2 ripe tomatoes

A sprig of coriander



1. Roughly chop the ingredients, and mix them in the juicer.

C. Celery, Sweet Lime and Spinach Juice

This breakfast juice is another way of getting your daily portion of dark greens, which is a great health investment you can give to yourself.



5 spinach leaves

2 celery stalks

1 sweet lime

Lime for flavor



1. Roughly chop the spinach, sweet lime, and celery. You may remove the fibrous bits of the lime, but again, in our opinion, that is where the fiber is.

2. Toss all the ingredients into the juicer and squeeze a bit of lime on top for the vitamin C boost and extra flavor.

D. Cabbage, Mango, and Cucumber Juice

This one is a breakfast juice with health benefits. All the green veggies are credited as super healthy and, in our opinion, inedible altogether without the edifying taste of mango.



1/4 cabbage

2 spinach leaves

1 cucumber

1 mango

3 sprigs of parsley



1. Chop up the ingredients, and toss them all into the juicer.

E. Beetroot and Kiwi Juice

Beetroot is another hard sell. However, you can simply mix it with some of your favorite fruits then juice it.



1/4 large beetroot (you may add more with its leaves, depending on your preference)

2 celery stalks

1 kiwi fruit

Lemon, for flavor



1. Peel the kiwifruit and chop them together with the beetroot and celery, then juice. We prefer the kiwifruit in this juice recipe because its tartness undercuts the natural sweetness of the beetroot to a huge degree. Do not choose an overly sweet fruit to mix with the beetroot, like papaya or mango, because that would make it too sugary.

2. Squeeze a dash of lemon.