6 Healthy Snacks to Replace Your Junk Food Cravings

Relaxing from a hard day’s work can be quite essential for anyone looking to relieve stress. Most of us look to food and snacks to complement our couch-surfing experience. This is quite the treat, especially if you have a long list of TV shows or movies to make the hours happily go by. Problem is, sitting around is bad enough, what more if we stuff ourselves with junk food that can honestly be so addicting. It is a guilty pleasure that comes with a degree of health hazard written all over it. Lucky for us, the culinary climate of today’s pop culture is turning towards healthiness, so looking for an alternative to junk food is as easy as scrolling over your social media pages. To make it easier for you, we’ve come up with six healthy alternatives that can go along with the lazy weekend Netflix binges that will surely leave you guilt-free by the end.

Pineapple Nice Cream

Nothing fills your heart more than a sweet treat or a healthy scoop of ice cream, and if you’re mindful of sugar, why not have it served with natural fruit sweetness instead of processed sugar additives. This is the trademark given credit to nice cream, a version of your classic ice cream but with a twist of healthiness — dairy-free and all-fruit. With a combination of pineapple goodness, complemented with oh-so-sweet mangoes, this is a tropical treat perfect for a hot day.

Homemade Chicken Tenders

Really can’t get enough of those crunchy finger-food treats? Try some of these chicken tenders seasoned with bagel spice to give you that extra degree of crunch with your breadcrumbs. It is easy to make on the off chance you can’t find a premixed one. Just combine equal parts of dried minced garlic and onion, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, pepper, and salt. This one is an umami treat that can also go well with your salad if you’re feeling extra healthy.

Grilled Taco Pizza

If you have time to spare, why not master the art of homemade pizza? Grilled pizza can be an alternative to expensive investments such as a wood-fire oven and will give you a similar rustic-charred crispiness to your pizza. It will also cook faster, so it is less time-consuming. It will have your tasty snack ready in a jiffy. Top the pie with classic taco toppings and make sure to include salsa and beans. If you’ve mastered the art of pizza grilling, be adventurous and come up with your own pizza creations.

Kale Artichoke Dip

You’re probably well-aware of the classic spinach artichoke dip but try this version of the healthy dip. Just replace the spinach with Kale, and to make it healthier, use yogurt instead of cream cheese. This will surely elevate the dish to another degree of healthiness, which is perfect to go along with some carrot sticks or tortilla chips.

Air-Fried Sweet Potatoes

Can’t get enough of your potato chips? Why not make your own instead of stuffing yourself with the highly processed ones? If you’ve already made the investments for an air fryer, this recipe is a perfect match for you. Thinly slice your potatoes, then cook them on the air fryer until crispy. This is definitely worth it with less oil, which also means fewer calories and fat. It is a perfect side dish that can go along with your sandwiches.

Chili-Cheese Nachos

Lastly, we have the chili-cheese nachos. Cook up your healthy chili and just spare about 30 minutes for preparation. What’s best for this healthy dish is that it can be filling and can also serve as your dinner. Just add some sliced scallions, sour cream, fresh tomatoes, and avocado to top your homemade chili. It will surely make your night and leave you wanting for more. Moreover, the preparation has a degree of easiness to it, which will inspire you to keep cooking it again and again.