4 Tasty Recipes That Will Surely Boost The Immune System

If we’ve learned anything during these times, it’s that it is incredibly essential to take care of and boost your immune system. Interestingly, there’s absolutely no need to take out a money loan for something expensive and sophisticated just to boost your immune system. You can easily boost your immune system just by eating a nutrient-packed and balanced meal.

A good and healthy diet can help the body and its immune system to function at its best. With this fact, we’ve managed to round up some of the best immune system boosting recipes. These recipes go from soups to smoothies, and we’re confident that you’ll be able to use these recipes to satiate your taste buds. Here are a few of our favorite recipes to boost the immune system:

Spice Salmon With Vegetables

It absolutely does not get any better than with a tasty salmon recipe when it comes to a healthy diet. This recipe features a scrumptious combination of salmon, potatoes, and broccoli. It’s safe to say that you’ll be able to stay true to a healthy diet while not losing a step when it comes to the degree of satiation that your taste buds need.

In order to execute this dish, you’ll need salmon (or any kind of fish that you prefer), milk, sesame, and lactose. You’ll also be spicing the entire ensemble up with a few spices like turmeric, mustard seed, chili, and coriander. Without a doubt, this healthy spice salmon with vegetable dish will be the new undisputed dinner winner.

Roast Cauliflower and Freekeh Salad

Who says that salads shouldn’t be incredibly delicious? This roasted cauliflower and freekeh salad will surely break barriers and become the best salad you’ve ever prepared. This dish contains gluten, lactose, and milk which should be beneficial for your immune system. It also has a low-kilojoule and healthy vegetarian main that’s perfect for those who want to lose weight.

The main spectacle of this ensemble is the roast cauliflower. When done right, you could say that it can turn your dinner into something magical. The freekeh in this meal is also something new, and it can be an excellent alternative for cracked wheat. You can use freekeh as your stuffing for your next roast, or you can also add it to your soups. Freekeh should be available at your closest supermarkets, and we’re pretty confident that you won’t be doing damage to your credit card by purchasing it.

Chicken & Turmeric Soup

It’s pretty evident and clear that we need to take care of our immune system today. In turn, there’s no better way to boost your immune system than with a healthy dose of a hearty chicken and turmeric soup. For this recipe, you’ll be using your traditional chicken soup, but this time, you’re packing it with turmeric, garlic chili, and sweet potato noodles. Not only will you beat the winter sniffles with this dish, but it should also satiate your taste buds to a surmountable degree after you consume it!

It’s worth noting that for this dish, you can make your own chicken stock. You can also use ready-made stock if you’re running on a tight schedule. For the stock, you’ll need about 1.125 liters or around 5 cups. Then, you can also purchase spiralized sweet potato packets at your nearest specialty grocers. If you’re unable to find one, you can use a spiralizer to cut and turn around 200 grams of peeled sweet potato into noodles.

Chicken Noodle Soup

It’s safe to say that our parents have leaned towards chicken noodle soup to deal with a cold at some point in our childhood. Chicken noodle soup has been known to boost the immune system and help fight off sicknesses. In turn, it’s best if you prepare your tasty version of the traditional chicken noodle soup.

Luckily, you won’t be doing a ton of damage to your credit card in trying to recreate this traditional dish. For this one, you’ll be using nutrient-dense vegetables along with broccoli or broccolini and bok choy. Of course, you’ll need your chicken as the main spectacle of the entire dish. Without a doubt, this Asian-inspired chicken noodle soup will do wonders for the body and soul!